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Everyone likes to show off, and even if you don’t admit it your personality is often shown through your accessories. There is a reason there are so many mobile phones to choose from, each with more varying exterior features than interior.

At some point it also became a brand name war, and there is nothing wrong with saying that Apple, Sony, and maybe even  Nokia (holy &*(^ at their numbers!!) are kicking the collective butts of other makers.

As much as people rant and rave about them, the Iphones are everyone’s guilty pleasure. Are you a business user? Pick up your clichéd Blackberry and you’re good to go. How about a new mobile user looking to break into the fold? Look no further than the text monster from LG, the Xenon.

But among these little toys, there lies a phone that is on an entire different level than the rest. Where the peons thrive, the wealthy turn their nose up and have their own way to express themselves. Because, for the wealthy, there is the luxury mobile maker  Vertu.

The Ferrari of mobile phones, Vertu is a British based mobile phone maker that specializes in only the highest quality of materials. Seriously, these phones have gold, rubies, sometimes even diamonds!! And to even further separate them from the lower class of phones, they have their own “Concierge key”

This key, when pressed, gives the user 24 hour service to help him with his needs. Think of it as Onstar in America-only this time useful -_-‘’

If you do some price searching, you can find some old versions for as little as 3 grand usd. If you want to splurge, then feel free to purchase the 310 grand versions.

Oh, to be wealthy!

TtT – William

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