Yes, that’s right. No INK cartridge or ribbons are needed. It is a technique for color printing.

How to print?

It’s secret is inside the paper. The printer basically using some kind of chemistry, engineering, physics, image science, or manufacturing whatsoever, to make the color inside the paper to appear. So the color come out from the PAPER!


ZINK printers like WASABI PRINTER is super small. It can be as small as a external hard drive, which is completely portable.
Simply you just have to connect your digital camera, computers to the printer, or use wireless function to connect your mobile to the printer, whatever is capable with USB or wireless.

Imagine, ZINK can totally replace the instant camera!!!
It’s smaller, it has better quality, it has better compatibility, it’s more environmental friendly, and most importantly, it looks much cooler!!! 🙂

More details here : http://www.zink.com/

Starting price is $149, click here to buy now : BUY NOW

In the meantime, there is a ZINK Boundaries Competition, here is the info.

ZINK Imaging is sponsoring our first annual Zero Boundaries™ design competition to challenge established design firms, emerging designers, and students of design to imagine new and innovative solutions that enable and enhance printing with the ZINK™ Technology.

< Click here to register! >

Zero Boundaries™ Design Competition Goal

ZINK Technology enables a new category of products that print in a whole new way and take printing to whole new places. The goal of the design competition is to re-imagine printing and its role in the digital world using the ZINK Technology. Whether the design solutions explore existing printing needs in a new way, or envision new contexts and opportunities for printing to add value, this exploration will fuel the future possibilities of this unique technology platform.

Awards and Recognition

Cash prizes will be awarded and lots of exposure planned!  Finalists will be publicized, with the top design solutions winning cash prizes.

Have a nice Easter holiday!!
TtT – Kelly

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