I never had a Gmail

That’s my secret…haha

I never had one, never signed up one, never thought of that.

I am so happy with hotmail/msn by using live mail or outlook.

Should I try Gmail? How special about it? How come I have never had interest on it?

What do you prefer? Gmail or Hotmail, or others (please state it)?

TtT – Kelly


  1. Gmail – hotmail is slow and clunky and the spam filters are awful.

    I miss folders but then I can manage (recieve and send to and from) loads of other email addresses from within gmail – I manage 6 email accounts from one admin panel on 5 different domains! I love gmail!

    not to mention storage, calendar etc….

  2. Well I use hotmail by live mail so it’s kinda fast, but I agree the web version sucks and the filter is ok. I do need to use my own selection of spam (sometimes)

    Overall I think Gmail is pretty tempting, I think I will sign up one tonight…..
    Thz for your comment Han, love your display pic

    TtT – Kelly

  3. Gmail, because amazingly Outlook doesn’t support msn accounts. Go figure.

    Pretty advanced features in gmail also.

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