What is new on NDSi?

  • NDSi has 2 cameras
  • Media functions
  • Slimmer case
  • GBA slot
  • Stronger wireless functions
  • $40 more than NDSL.

In my opinion, it looks better than NDSL, and it’s not that expensive, $40 more is quite reasonable with better and more functions. I love the media functions.

Are you gonna buy one?

TtT – Kelly


  1. NDSi is not compatable with R4 and a proper soft hack through the SD card is not avaliable yet. Right now people only run program like “hello world” on it.
    So properly people will stick with the NDSL until the NDSi is being cracked. 8D
    Also why would I want a camera on my NDS.
    I don’t use my mobile’s cam that much already.

  2. People can hack that in a very short time…..just depends what are you are after
    I am a big fan of pirating. However, you can always play legal games……

    I would buy it even if it costs me much more on games or other stuff…

    And true, I don’t need a camera on it, but it’s still fun to have one more gaming machine on hand.

    Thanks for your comment 🙂 You are more than welcome to keep visiting

  3. The camera on it reminds me of when they gave the old game boy a printer. I hope it is more of a novelty and becomes useful like the ps2 cam.

  4. hello, i also picked up a ndsi before christmas in blue. i have played it for about 60 hours now. it connected verry well with my wireless and i am using it now. my only wish is to have a program for streaming media like winamp. apps would be so nice but i dont think it has the memory for many other programs. it’s blue. oh yeah, they need to put AdobyFlash on it. bye-

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