April Fools pranks and virus

People may find some of their youtube video pages are fliped.

Simply delete the “&flip=1” at the end of the link.

For the April Fools virus “Conficker”.

To check if your computer is  infected, go to http://www.symantec.com/index.jsp or http://apac.trendmicro.com/apac/home/

If you can’t access to the website, sorry, you are fooled! Try update your anti-virus, erase them. And as I know Microsoft already had actions on it.

Happy April Fools!!

TtT – Kelly


  1. Hello there, Happy Fool’s Day!

    A rabbi, a priest and a minister are discussing when life begins.
    The priest says: “In our religion, life begins at conception.”
    The minister says: “We disagree. We believe that life begins when the foetus is viable away from the mother’s womb.”
    The rabbi responds: “You both are wrong. In our religion, life begins when the kids graduate college and the dog dies.”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

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