iPhone OS 3.0 Software Update

This really isn’t a surprise to Iphone users; in fact it is about time. After the huge success of 2.0 3.0 is upon us, but let’s not get too excited. I appreciate the innovation with the ease of the firmware upgrade (Are you hearing my teeth grinding, Blackjack 2 owners?) but even with the upgrade the end result will come down to compatibility and out of box features.

The little people, known as Iphone application developers are often left out of the conversation in regards to the little I’s success rate. But what excites me about this release, as well as equally worry, is the innovative cut/paste function.

Yes, I said innovative. They are entering Blackberry territory, and I don’t think they care to tread lightly. Could this be the dawning of the Iphone as a business app/entertainment hybrid? Blackberry has crossed over the opposite way, successfully, but not nearly daring as this single feature in the Iphone. I sound biased, and I proudly am- this is some good stuff!

They even make clearing the ‘clipboard’ fun by shaking your Iphone. Such simplicity is appreciated, and the only downside I see to this move is the strain it will have on developers. The need to include the new features of 3.0 may make a device that was once simple extremely difficult, and buggy.

But who cares? The host of (other) new features in Iphone 3.0 will make it well worth the test drive.

TtT – William

Trillion of Love for William!! ❤

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