Computer Alarm Clock

Computer is such a functional friend to us.

I was looking up a computer alarm clock today. However! However, I couldn’t find any good ones.

Some of them are old, some of them do not allow screen saver password back on.

Please! Somebody please create at least a usable computer alarm clock!

Simply just set the volume to standard volume not only the manual volume control.

And simply just create some amazing tones and stuff. That’s it.

I really need more alarms! As many as I can!

I don’t want to spend 3o bucks on the flying alarm clock even I know it works fine.

And I don’t want to buy another Ipod speaker only for my Ipod.

Updated section==========================================

I just found a Wake Up and Walk Alarm Clock

It only works if you put it very far away. All you have to do is to step on it to switch it off.

It better has snooze function, because walking doesn’t work for me….*embarrassed*

The LCD display is pretty cool though.

TtT – Kelly


  1. Okay I’ll admit that the flying alarm clock in this post is something that I would buy after watching an infomercial late at night.

    That is grade A marketing!

  2. hey, that kinda cool, you could get an alarm clock that has like a light alarm, that slowly gets like brighter every 30 seconds, oh wait, thats the sun, my bad, lol

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