New Ipod Buckle

Evan Taubenfeld

Michael Jackson

David Beckham…….What!? David can’t sing?

This is not a battery. This is not a tablet.

This is the latest Ipod Shuffle!!

For me, the VoiceOver feature is not that important because I will know the name of the song after listening to the intro for less than 5 seconds. And of course I only put songs that I love in my Ipod.

Also, some of my songs names are in mess code or just random combination of alphabets and numbers, I think it will be quite annoying if the player is reading out the meaningless long song name.

Maybe it will be much cooler if multi or single touch skill can be applied on Shuffle?

Wait!! David Beckham has been put on!? You tiny little Buckle is sick!

TtT – Kelly

1 Comment

  1. Very funny! That is incredibly small, imagine someone paying all that money and losing it as easily as a penny. I like the design though.

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