My favourite netbook

Would be either HP Mini 1000 or Eee Pc

It is good that HP Mini 1000 Mi Edition runs on Linux and it has XP edition as well as the cool Vivienne Tam Edition.

Eee Pc is not a bad choice though. It has so many difference products with difference size and spec.

Personally, I like HP better because of it’s cool outlook. Small size and pretty functional.

However Asus gave bad images to me as its manufacturer is from Taiwan. I am kind of biased against Chinese people even I am from Hong Kong.

So, what is your favorite netbook?

TtT – Kelly


  1. I currently have a Dell mini 9, and I do not use it alot, but it is really easy to bring with me on short trips, in coffee shops and such. Takes no room at all. And currently running Windows 7 like a breeze. Excellent little machine.

  2. hmmm, cant say that i have a favorite, but i definetly dont like the Eee pc, im kind of a lenovo fan,


  3. omg, didn’t expect someone on a tech blog talks sth about politics.
    Right, I do know tw ppl don’t admit it. I am from HK btw.
    However, officially tw is part of China. No offense.

    Anyway, I don’t really trust products that are made in China. 🙂
    Oh, they found fake eggs recently 😉

  4. I’m in love with Acer, for the simple fact that it runs low in price and allows you to add what you see fit. I’ve built mine up considerably.

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