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  1. techman9 says:

    hey kelly, i think TtT could use some colors, nothing crazy, but something to spiff it up, also, maybe some pics?

  2. ticktechtold says:

    Yes, Dave I know. In fact, we are encountering a problem.
    Did you realise that the blog doesn’t have the “next” button at the bottom?

    So, basically the first page as in https://ticktechtold.wordpress.com/ is not the blogging page

    Achieve would be blogging page….
    So…I guess we will have to change the theme. And you know what, WordPress does not allow CSS changes from theme.

    So we can either look for another theme or create another interface from sketch.

    If we are going to look for another theme, simply go http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/
    can you view the “Theme” under “Appearance” in the Dashboard?

  3. William says:

    Maybe I am old fashioned by I like it like this, nice and simple :\

    Probably just me though.

  4. ticktechtold says:

    In fact, me2…..
    But we have to make changes now!

  5. William says:

    Holy Batman! Now this is change. Nice new layout, I may lurk, but I enjoy what I see.

  6. ticktechtold says:

    Thank you William!!
    Interested in joining us as an Author?

    I am not forcing, just asking 🙂

    Thanks again and please keep supporting us.

  7. techman9 says:

    good job kelz, very nice, better than i expected.


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